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From The Pastor’s Desk:
Apparently Oklahoma has officially gone to the two-season calendar and abandoned the traditional fourseason calendar that has been around since the Garden of Eden. Spring must have occurred in that hour that
we “Sprang Forward” and somehow in the process of resetting all of our clocks, we eliminate Spring and went
straight from winter freeze warnings to summer heat indexes in triple digits, so far.
I share this fascinating phenomenon with you with the complete knowledge that you already know it all
too well. I also share it with the knowledge that too many of us know that it is dangerous to be outside
exposed to this heat, but we go forward like it’s 68 degrees with a mild wisp of wind blowing just enough to
keep the mosquitos off of us. When the inevitable heat stroke hits, we lay in a hospital bed begging for
someone to turn up the fan, if we are lucky.
I remember way back in June when we went to Falls Creek early to beat the heat and it seemed like we
were tricked because June was hot. This week I am reminded that we made a pretty good choice based on
the temperature at Falls Creek this week. There’s hot, and then there is HOT, and this is HOT.
So, please protect yourselves. Stay out of the heat. Drink lots of water. Save yard work and do it about an
hour after dark and stop before sun-up. Pray for the people that have to be out in this stuff, like Mail-carriers,
Fire fighters, Police officers, EMSA, road crews, roofing companies, etc., etc. Pray for the homeless who seek
a place in the shade to escape the worst of the heat. Pray for the elderly (and others) who don’t run their AC
units because they can’t afford the increase in their electric bill. And drink lots of water.
And hold on, things will change. Probably one night we will go to bed with our thermostats set around 70
and get up in the morning with frost on the ground and a freeze warning. I can hear it now, “Please cover your
plants to keep them from freezing”. I will remind them that my plants died in July during global warming. “Fall
Back” may be really short based on the fact that we will lose an hour.
Just remember, how many church signs have you seen that read “If you think it’s hot here..”, NO friend, I
know it’s hot here.
Stay cool my friend, I have to get a drink of water.
Blessings & Prayers, Bro. Tom