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From The Pastors Desk:

Do you enjoy elevator rides, some people do, and other people will take the stairs before

stepping inside a small box with no windows. Their fears might have been formed when they

were young and saw people get in, watched the doors close, and moments later see the doors

open again-and no now was there. Their logical conclusion is that the elevator ate them.

Others may have been unfortunate victims of an elevator malfunction. Many years ago I was

part of the leadership that hosted a group of law enforcement chaplains from a five state region.

We met near ORU and hosted a banquet in the banquet room at the top of the tallest tower.

Elevators were mandatory. The last ten people in our group got into their elevator and started

down. After just few floors the elevators stopped and would not restart. Being trained chaplains

they didn’t panic but used the emergency button to summon help. The problem was…the

security guard thought the alarm was another security guard ‘playing games’ with him, so he

didn’t respond or bother to help in any way. Cell phones didn’t help in the tower and it wasn't

until the group was missed at the hotel that we contacted the tower and they actually

responded. (I will not share the details of the meeting the next day with the security guard

company president and ORU building superintendent, but it wasn’t pretty.) Now I know ten

people who will climb 50 flights of stairs before they will get into an elevator of any size.’

Visiting hospitals often require me to ride elevators and every time I look at the “Elevator

Inspection Form” required for every elevator. Usually it simply reads, “The Elevator Inspection

Form is available in the building managers office.” I always wonder into whose ‘hands’ I have

committed my ‘ride’. And that’s just for a 30-45 second ride between a couple of floors.

The biggest question is, “Into whose hands have I committed my life?” the worse possible

outcome in life would be finding yourself stuck for eternity in the elevator named hell. Thank

God that “If The Son shall set you FREE, you will be FREE indeed.” The name of the Inspector

of life is Jesus, and it is never a ‘game’ with Him-He always delivers!

Blessings (and happy endings)