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From The Pastors Desk:
I sometimes wonder what Joseph must have been thinking as he led his small family toward Jerusalem
some 2000 years ago. The last nine months had been filled with the unimaginable and the unanswerable. He
certainly had a long list of ‘problems’ and no way to either make them go away or satisfy them.

It had all started with a couple of dreams, one for him and one for the young girl he was preparing to
marry. Just imagine, she was going to bear a child in a miraculous way, the most incredible and unique way
possible, so rare that it had never happened before and would never ever happen again. It was a dream that
no one else believed, except Mary.

Even after nine months Joseph and Mary weren’t used to the people who would cross the narrow road
rather than speak to them. They weren’t used to those who laughed behind their backs and would never in a
million years believe that their explanation was true.

Joseph was also worried about where they would stay, what they would eat, how they would pay their
taxes, and how they would be able to bring the proper offering to the Temple.
And finally, what if the baby come while they were away from home.

What’s weighing heavy on your heart this Christmas? What unsolvable problems are dragging you down?
What is standing between you and the peace and joy that is meant for you and your family this Christmas?
I want to remind you that each and every one of Joseph’s problems were met. A stranger shared his
humble stable and undoubtedly the stranger’s wife was able to provide a meal. His tax money and registration
was still in his bag and safe. The baby did come—a very healthy baby boy, and all the people they passed
stopped to see the new—born Babe. Even after registering and paying his taxes, there was still enough to
purchase a dove to offer in the Temple.

How about you? I believe that the Baby that was born 2000 years ago is Jesus Christ, Savior, Messiah,
Prince of Peace, and always, eternally, Deliverer. Now and forever. Amen.
Brother Tom