From The Pastor’s Desk:
Thank you for your prayers leading up to, during, and following my ‘surgical procedure’ last week. It
was interesting and resulted in minimal pain and a relatively quick recovery. I have not needed to take
anything for pain, but being back to work full-time has made me consider it a time or two. To cut to the
chase, I would say that I am about 90% back but still wear out pretty quickly.
Medical issues do not seem to effect the calendar, the days fly by and the pages of the calendar
keep turning. While visiting a member at Hillcrest yesterday I may have committed a grievous sin—I
stopped by their gift shop. Wait, it gets worse. I bought Sue something (that’s perfectly good), and it’s
what I bought that crossed a line, I bought her a Christmas Snow Man. Honestly it looks a little bit like
a snow globe, but Christmas in October? I might as well go ahead and put up the Christmas Tree, it
will probably take me a week anyway and that will clear up my schedule for Thanksgiving week-end.
I know it’s early for me, but I have a good friend that is probably almost finished with his Christmas
shopping. He and his wife are very dedicated to early shopping. They don’t decorate that early, but
they get a great head start on shopping. It certainly makes for more carefree and relaxing holidays. If
you know Randy please don’t say anything about this, he probably thinks he is running late already.
Back to business. This coming Sunday we will start a series based on a book by Adrian Rogers. It
deals with the basics of the Christian faith and how Believers should grow and mature based on their
knowledge and experience with the Word of God. This Sunday we will look at the Believer’s trust in the
Word of God. Next Sunday we will look at the Assurance of Salvation and follow each week until we
cover twelve different aspects in the weeks ahead.
OK, I’m tired. Thank you for taking the time each week to look for the newsletter and read it. I love
serving the Lord and each and every one of you at Belview, and very often far beyond the walls of our
church. May God bless you and keep you,
Brother Tom