From The Pastor’s Desk:
    It looks like Winter is struggling to get here. The temperature is dropping. We have seen our first snow.
Streets have been salted and sanded, and baby, it’s cold outside. By the Grace of God the weather has not
interfered with any of our services, and more importantly no one has suffered an injury form a fall, that is my
greatest concern.
    We need winter. Without temperatures below freezing the mosquitos this spring and summer will be bigger
than sparrows, and the other bugs will be thick. I don’t know about you, but we fight enough June bugs
    Without cold temperatures I will have wasted money on a rick of fire wood. I really enjoy the ambiance of a
fire in the fire place, the warmth, the smell, and the hassle of stirring it up constantly. We are blessed to have
an insert in our fire place and with the doors we can simply lock it up and not have to worry about sparks
popping out of the fireplace and landing on the carpet.
    Without cold temperatures we would have no reason to wrap up and snuggle inside of quilts and blankets.
Without winter we would miss the anticipation of looking for the early signs of Spring, ah, Spring.
      Ground Hog Day—eat your favorite sausage (ground hog) with breakfast.
     Valentine’s Day—ton’s of chocolate hearts.
     Mardi Gras—eat your favorite King Cake (watch for the plastic baby hidden inside AND you better not bring home any extra beads.)
    Robins taking flight, flowers budding and blooming, grass turning green, lawn mowers being tuned up and people driving with the windows rolled down.
   But my favorite part of Spring is the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I realize that it’s still several months to April 12th, but the time will pass very quickly. I’m delighted that we celebrate His resurrection once a year, I am especially delighted that Jesus is alive every day, and every moment of every day. But it is still the middle of January. To borrow from Tony Campolo, and change a little bit, it’s Winter, but Spring is on its way.
                                                             Blessings to all, Bro Tom