May 27, 2020
   One of the hardest decisions I have wrestled with in the time I have been at Belview was the decision to close our Sanctuary because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. I find it interesting that the second hardest decision has been when to  safely reopen our doors for worship. The decision requires all of those who choose to attend services to take some steps.
                      You will have the following options.
    First, we will continue to broadcast our services on Face Book and Periscope on Sunday Mornings and Wednesday evenings. If you are ill or if you are not able and ready to come to the services you can still participate electronically. Or, if you feel good and you are not running a temperature and you are not showing any of the symptoms of the virus,
                               We invite you to join us on Sunday, June 7
Second, If you choose to join us in the Sanctuary you will be required to follow the protocol:
              -The only open door will be the front door facing Yale Ave.
              - Every person coming in will have their temperature taken by a non-contact thermometer. Anyone registering a fever over 99.5 will be asked to return home.
              -Every person will be required to wear a mask. Mask will be available.
They must be worn in the Sanctuary. (The exception to this will be the staff on the platform. We will also wear masks if we leave the platform.)
              - The parts of the church other than the Sanctuary will be closed and off limits, including, the fellowship hall, the nursery, the office, the kitchen, and the Education Building. The bathrooms will be open, but we are strongly encouraging that no one move from their seats once they are seated.
            -Seating will be assisted by an usher or two. Social distancing will be observed. Some household families will be seated together. Every other pew will bee vacant and taped off. Please cooperate with us, problems will require that we revert back to electronic services.
           -The main Sanctuary doors will open at 10:45 AM and if you have a church key please do not use it to open an other door. Once you are seated do not get up and mingle with others. Please do not hug, shake hands, etc, etc, with other people.
           -We will take up our offering a little different. There will be a bucket just inside the front foyer clearly marked for offerings, please place your offering in the bucket either as you enter or as you leave.
           -There will be no Sunday School, no Discipleship Training, no Children's programs, no Evening Worship, no bulletins, and Wednesday will still be by remote.
           -The church office will stay closed through June.
           -At the end of the Sunday Morning service we will dismiss by rows, beginning with the back row and slowly working our way forward. We ask you again, don't stop and shake hands, stop to speak to others, or attempt to mingle.
    I fully understand that these actions seem drastic and difficult, not to mention restrictive. These are the times we live in. drastic, difficult, and restrictive seem to dominate everything we do, and they probably will for a little longer. The spiritual, physical, and emotional health of each and every one of our members is of the utmost importance to the leaders of our church. Nothing would ever ease the pain of losing one of you because I opened the doors a month too early or relaxed the protocols and exposed someone who was vulnerable unnecessarily. 
   I have every intention to get us back to a full schedule of activities and freedom in worship, and we will, as soon as it is safe. Thank you for your patience, support, and cooperation. Thank you for doing the necessary things to protect those who are struggling and allowing them to be with us when they are able.
   Beginning Monday August 31at 12PM,We will begin having our Sunday School Lesson on line with Facebook Live and Periscope. 
                        Whether together, or apart, we are one.
                                                          Blessings, prayers, and as always, love,
                                                                                      Bro. Tom and Sue