A couple of weeks ago we hosted a 'Range Day' for the men of Belview. There were about 10 men who showed up and we absolutely blew away a large bale of hay. Every bale of hay for miles around were shaking in their baling wire.
    When we announced the Men's range day the ladies of Belview asked when their turn was coming. Soooo, last Saturday we invited a few of them out to shoot (after a brief safety class). Twenty people were there, counting Sue and l. Robert Holman patiently coached our people, everyone from those who had never touched a gun, to those who just hadn't shot for a while. Let me say, we had a blast-literally. That bale of hay will never walk again. And for those who are wondering, magnets do not pick up brass shell casings.
    Now, looking forward, One of my favorite songs is "These Are the Days of Elijah", but after the last couple of weeks I have changed a few words, I am now singing(?), "These Are the Days of Summer". The longest days of the year seem to pass the quickest. They are filled with activities like Falls Creek and Vacation Bible School, and a thousand things to do around the church and around our homes. The days are long but we burn the daylight trying to keep up and catch up.
    It's easy to get very busy during the summer, in fact it's almost impossible not to get very busy, and that's the reason that we must protect our daily time with God. In my morning devotion this morning I read the following definition of 'morning devotions', "They are a warm visit with your heavenly Father".
    My prayer is that we will look forward to our daily time with God as much as He looks forward to a daily time with us. Remember, Labor Day is only about two days away. Have a great summer!!
                     Prayers, Blessings, & Love,
               Bro. Tom and Sue